Thursday, 18 April 2013

Skyloft quilt - finished!

Over the weekend I managed to find the right backing fabric for the Skyloft quilt top I blogged about here. It's a cotton print, magenta-pink flowers on a teal-blue background. Isn't the colour gorgeous?

I already had the batting ready, so I basted it on Saturday and I finished the quilting a couple of days ago. In the end I went with a loopy machine-quilting, mostly stippling and loops but with several swirls and curlicues, to give the whole thing a breezy look, full of movement. I hope I succeeded.

I also decided to quilt over the seam where the prairie points join the border. I was worried they might come loose as the quilt is used (and I like my quilts to be things that can be snuggled in and draped and scrunched, not delicate decorative things), so I decided to make a feature of it, and used a red zigzag stitch.

I even made the binding myself, something I've not really done before. In the past I've always bought bias binding from a haberdasher's, but this can be a little restrictive, as you're stuck with only the colours they've got in stock; bias binding also tends to be a bit narrower. It was surprisingly easy to make in the end, and used much less fabric than I had assumed.

Here's the whole thing in all its glory. The edges aren't as wobbly in real life as they look in these pictures; I hung the quilt on the rather unruly hedge in my back garden to take the shots.

And of course, a blog post about a quilt I made wouldn't be complete without an in-progress shot featuring my cat "helping".

The Skyloft quilt is now for sale in my Etsy shop, for the bargain price of £85.

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